In this month’s column, I want to talk about the workbench which is critical for the hand tool woodworker.  When working with hand tools you learn very quickly that you must be able to hold in the wood in an effective manner to cut, plane, shape or otherwise work with the wood.  Workbenches first and…

Hand Planes

In this section of the newsletter, I am planning to share information and resources specifically related to hand tools. Each month I want to share information about hand tools, their use, and their makers that I think you will find interesting. This is a new concept and I want to encourage Guild members to let…

The Journey Begins

2020 has been an eventful year so far for the Guild. As we near the end of a year, that included political division and a worldwide pandemic, it also signaled a new beginning for the Woodworkers Guild of Georgia. This blog will focus on the work of the Strategic Planning Committee’s (SPC) Future Guild project….

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