Members of the currently elected Board of Directors of the Guild each serve for a term of one or more years, and are elected by the Guild membership at their annual meeting. More details can be found here in the Guild Bylaws.

You can mail the Guild at this address:

Woodworkers Guild of Georgia
P.O. Box 921424
Norcross, GA 30010

Or you may contact any Guild officer via email:
President John Champion
Past President Gary Fader
Vice President-Secretary Lew Janezic
Treasurer Mark Haugland
At-Large Director Dan O'Shea
Audio & Video Director Jim Wright
Communications Director Michael Lawsky
Community & Charitable Projects Nuane Neely
Library Director Roger Moister
Membership Director Ken Kraft
Mentoring Director Bob Forsthoffer
Newsletter Director Gary Fjeld
Patron Sponsors Director Tom Melcher
Program Director John Jones
Scholarship Director Brent Richardson
Symposium Director Jim Milam
Tool Sales Director Jim Milam
Website Directors Don Bolen, Tom Melcher, Steven Sheppard


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