Boxes and More Boxes! How many ways are there?

We have an outstanding spring symposium lined up for Saturday March 13 and you must register to participate.  Tell your friends about it. 

Matt Kenney will be spending the full day with us on a Zoom connection to “show and tell” us how to make all kinds of boxes.  For participants, this is a good opportunity to learn more about many versions of “building a box” and Matt is a master.  He is the author of 52 boxes in 52 weeks which is a primer on the concept.  You will be able to ask Matt your questions directly.  You can also view the recorded meeting at a later time if you sign up. 

I think many of our members have tried their hand at making some type of small box and I have also.  I made a couple many years ago when I had very few tools, compared to my present collection, but I had an interest in the concept and set out to see what I could create with what I had.  It was a fun learning experience.

I remember making and cutting finger joints and uneven string inlay strips with a table saw and cutting crude inlay slots with a ¾ inch straight chisel (which was dull).  I did not really know what I was doing and just worked it out as I went along.  There are plenty of parts in my original boxes that are not uniform, straight, square, or have some other blemish.  But no one would really notice.  The result was pretty good for my purposes and I have had years of enjoyment looking at something I made.  This illustrates that you can make a variety of boxes with only a few tools.  Jump in and see what you can do. 

Box making doesn’t have to be perfect.  Enjoy the experience of creating something that gives viewing pleasure for a long time.  Matt Kenney will open your eyes to the possibilities.

I hope to see you at a meeting soon!

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