Community Engagement

We just completed another great community outreach project. Our members built over 100 wooden toys that were distributed January 28th to The United Way of Atlanta. Our project was making a toy race car coordinated by Gary Fader and Terry Kelly. We had an enthusiastic group of volunteers who worked together over two days to create these toys for the benefit of underprivileged kids in the Atlanta area.

We have also had several members who built toys in their own shops and delivered to us for distribution. Check out our website for plans and directions on how you can build toys in your shop. A key goal for us is to become more involved in community activities. This includes activities like toy making as well as other programs which we want to develop. We are discussing some ideas and welcome thoughts that all of you have.

Importantly, we need our members to volunteer and be engaged with us on these projects. We are structuring our activities to allow members to do projects in their own shops and as a group adhering to common sense protocols for mask wearing and maintaining safe distances.

Our group activities for these events are being held at Woodcraft. Currently, we are limited to 10 people per
session. If we get enough volunteers, we will set up multiple sessions to support the interest of our members
to participate.

Engaging with our community not only is a wonderful service we can provide, but it draws attention to our Guild and is a good introduction for potential new members. It is also a great way to reengage
with your fellow members. Come and be part of the fun!

I look forward to seeing you at a meeting soon.

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