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All DVDs in the Guild Library are organized by categories listed in alphabetical order as follows:

furniture repair
hand tools
power saws

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Searchable Table for the Guild DVD Library

11ABoxesBasic Box MakingDoug Stowe
11DBoxesBox Making Bonanza (3 Books) check condition
57ABoxesInlaid Dovetail BoxChuck Bender
04DBoxesMaking Shaker Oval Boxes & CarriersJohn Wilson
11CBoxesPuzzle Box MagicJeff Vollmer
51DBoxesThe Art of Bandsaw BoxesAlex Snodgrass
40ACabinetsBuild a Custom Face Frame Cabinet BoxRobert Settich
40BCabinetsBuild Custom Cabinet Cabinet DoorsRobert Settich
40CCabinetsBuild Custom DrawersRobert Settich
14BCabinetsCabinet MakingMarc Adams
59BCabinetsCabinet Making Techniques: Next LevelWoodworker’s Guild of America G. Vondriska ’09
40DCabinetsCabinet Parts CalculatorRobert Settich
22BCabinetsCabinetmaking Made EasyMarc Sommerfeld
30CCabinetsFrame-and-Panel CabinetTimothy Rousseau
16BCarvingCarving the European CorbelNora Hall
16DCarvingCarving the LinenfoldNora Hall
16ACarvingCarving the Newport ShellNora Hall
04ACarvingChip CarvingWayne Barton
34BCarvingHow to Carve a Philadelphia Style Ball & Claw FootMary May
35ACarvingHow to Carve a Fruit Basket - Samuel McIntire StyleMary May
35BCarvingHow to Carve Acanthus Leaf on Cabriole Leg & Turned PostW/ Drawing Guidlines M May
34CCarvingHow to Carve the Concave Newport ShellMary May
34DCarvingHow to Carve the Convex Newport ShellMary May
16CCarvingMaster Woodcarving Tips & ShortcutsNora Hall
30AChairsChair Weaving with Fiber Rush
35CChairsChairmaking TechniquesJeff Miller
42AChairsGarden Chair (Bent Lamination Techniques)Michael Fortune
48ADovetailsAdvanced Hand-Cut DovetailsRob Cosman
37BDovetailsDovetail a DrawerFrank Klausz
57CDovetailsDovetailing ApprenticeshipCharles Bender
19ADovetailsMastering DovetailsLonnie Bird
42BDovetailsSecret Mitre DovetailDavid Charlesworth
25CFinishingEssential Guide to Wood FinishingBruce Johnson
18AFinishingFinishing Made SimpleJim Heavey
51BFinishingFinishing Techniques Copy 2Marc Adams
14CFinishingFinishing Techniques Copy 1Marc Adams
05AFinishingGilding & Chemical PatinationsDavid Marks & Grace Baggot
06CFinishingHand-Applied Finishes Applying Top CoatsJeff Jewitt
06BFinishingHand-Applied Finishes Coloring WoodJeff Jewitt
36DFinishingRefinishing FurnitureBob Flexner
36BFinishingWood FinishingFrank Klausz
36AFinishingWood Finishing BasicsMichael Dresdner
25DFurnitur RepFurniture Finish Repair- Konig NA Training VideoTraining Video
35DFurnitur RepRepairing FurnitureBob Flexner
53BFurnitur RepTen Essential Furniture Repairs (check track 4)Joshua Klein
20BFurnitureBuild a Shaker TableKelly Mehler
42CFurnitureBuilding a Pembroke Table Disc 1Rob Millard
42DFurnitureBuilding a Pembroke Table Disc 2Rob Millard
57BFurnitureCabriole Legs SimplifiedCharles Bender
48DFurnitureChippendale FootstoolTommy MacDonald
59CFurnitureFurniture Making: Secrets, Skills & TechniquesWoodworker’s Guild of America G. Vondriska ’09
13AFurnitureFurniture Making Techniques Part IMarc Adams
13BFurnitureFurniture Making Techniques Part IIMarc Adams
21BFurnitureFurniture Making Techniques: Five TopicsDavid Charlesworth
43CFurnitureMaking a Federal Period Inlaided Drawer Disc 1Rob Millard
43DFurnitureMaking a Federal Period Inlaided Drawer Disc 2Rob Millard
46AFurnitureMaking a Federal Work Table in Curly Maple Disc 1Rob Millard
46BFurnitureMaking a Federal Work Table in Curly Maple Disc 2Rob Millard
46CFurnitureMaking a Federal Work Table in Curly Maple Disc 3Rob Millard
46DFurnitureMaking a Federal Work Table in Curly Maple Disc 4Rob Millard
45DFurnitureMaking a Knuckle JointRob Millard
49BFurnitureMaking a Period BedCharles Neil
44AFurnitureMaking a Portsmouth, NH Inlaided Gallery Table Disc 1Rob Millard
44BFurnitureMaking a Portsmouth, NH Inlaided Gallery Table Disc 2Rob Millard
44CFurnitureMaking a Portsmouth, NH Inlaided Gallery Table Disc 3Rob Millard
45AFurnitureMaking a Shaker Inspired Side Table with Hand Tools Disc 1Rob Millard
45BFurnitureMaking a Shaker Inspired Side Table with Hand Tools Disc 2Rob Millard
38DFurnitureMaking Rustic FurniturePaul Ruhlmann
20DFurnitureMeasuring Furniture for ReproductionPhil Lowe
48CFurnitureMission Style BedMatt Berger
41BFurnitureQueen Anne LowboyPhil Lowe
54BFurnitureShaker Side TableChristopher Schwarz
08DFurnitureWinchester Desk: Joinery Inside & OutJeff Headley, Steve Hamilton
53DHand ToolsA Craftsman's Guide to Understanding WoodChristian Becksvoort
15CHand ToolsArts & Mysteries of Hand ToolsAdam Cherubini
05CHand ToolsBuild a Custom BacksawMatt Cianci
56DHand ToolsBuying & Restoring Hand Tools (2discs)Ron Herman
56AHand ToolsClassic Plane Making Hollows & RoundsTod Herrli
57DHand ToolsDown and Dirty SharpeningCharles Bender
15DHand ToolsGreat Han Plane RevivalRob Cosman
02DHand ToolsHand Plane Basics Copy 1Christopher Schwarz
39DHand ToolsHand Plane Basics Copy 2Christopher Schwarz
38CHand ToolsHand Planes in the WorkshopMario Rodriguez
48BHand ToolsHand Planing and SharpeningRob Cosman
41CHand ToolsHand Saw SharpeningTom Law
24AHand ToolsHand Tool Techniques Part 1: Plane SharpeningDavid Charlesworth
24BHand ToolsHand Tool Techniques Part 2: Hand PlaningDavid Charlesworth
24CHand ToolsHand Tool Techniques Part 3: Precision Shooting SimplifiedDavid Charlesworth
36CHand ToolsHand Tools - Tuning & Using Chisels, Planes, SawsFrank Klausz
18BHand ToolsLast Word on SharpeningChristopher Schwarz
54DHand ToolsMaking Traditional Side Escapement Planes(Hollows/ Rounds)Larry Williams
08AHand ToolsMastering Hand Tools Disc 1 of 2Christopher Schwarz
08BHand ToolsMastering Hand Tools Disc 2 of 2Christopher Schwarz
24DHand ToolsRough to ReadyRob Cosman
49AHand ToolsScraping WoodRob Cosman
21AHand ToolsSharpen Your HandsawsRon Herman
32CHand ToolsSharpening Planes & ChiselsIan Kirby
12BHand ToolsSharpening Woodworking ToolsLeonard Lee
50DHand ToolsThe Brace: The Why & How of Making HolesEric Peterson
53CHand ToolsThe Foundations- Hand Tools: Apprentice SeriesJoshua Klein
41AHand ToolsThe Japanese Hand PlaneHarrelson Stanley
10AHand ToolsWay to Woodwork, Vol 1 of 3: Essential StartersIan Kirby, LiLi Jackson
10CHand ToolsWay to Woodwork, Vol 3 of 3: Advancing Your SkillsIan Kirby, LiLi Jackson
56CHand ToolsWoodworker's Guide to Wood (2 discs)Ron Herman
54AHand ToolsHand Scrapers: The Ultimate Finishing ToolChristopher Schwarz
54CHand ToolsTraditional Molding Techniques: The BasicsDon McConnell
10BHand ToolsWay to Woodwork, Vol 2 of 3: Building on BasicsIan Kirby, LiLi Jackson
51CInlayThe Art of Marquetry Copy 2Jane Burke
02CInlayCreating Veneer, Marquetry & InlaySchurch, May, Hull, Edwards, Ryan
52DInlayFundamentals of Inlay: Paterae, Part 1 Copy 2Steve Latta
47CInlayFundamentals of Inlay: Federal Table Leg Copy 1Steve Latta
52BInlayFundamentals of Inlay: Federal Table Leg Copy 2Steve Latta
52CInlayFundamentals of Inlay: Making Ornamental Bandings Part 1Steve Latta
47DInlayFundamentals of Inlay: Ornamental Bandings, Part IISteve Latta
02AInlayFundamentals of Inlay: Paterae, Part I Copy 1Steve Latta
52AInlayFundamentals of Inlay: Stringing, Line & Berry Copy 2Steve Latta
02BInlayFundamentals of Inlay: Stringing, Line & Berry Copy 1Steve Latta
03DInlayGetting Started with VeneerSteve Shanesy
45CInlayMaking a Conch Shell PateraeRob Millard
43BInlayMaking a Federal Period Eagle Paterae Copy 1Rob Millard
53AInlayMaking a Federal Period Eagle Paterae Copy 2Rob Millard
13DInlayMarquetry - The Art of VeneeringMarc Adams
43AInlayMarquetry, Veneer & Inlay for Furniture MakersRob Millard
12AInlayThe Art of Marquetry Copy 1Jane Burke
13CJoineryJoinery TechniquesMarc Adams
04BJoineryMaking Mortise-and-Tenon JointsFrank Klausz
14ALaminatingFabricating with Laminates Copy 1Marc Adams
51ALaminatingFabrication with Laminates Copy 2Marc Adams
15BLaminatingWood Bending TechniquesMarc Adams
26BOtherACIMALL Members Catalog 22nd Edition
29COtherAFEMMA 2009-2010
27BOtherTimber Industry
26COtherWood to Energy: A Contentious Journey
22DPanelsArched Raised Panels Made EasyMarc Sommerfeld
20CPanelsFrame and Panel ConstructionGraham Blackburn
05BPanelsGlass Panel Doors Made EasyMarc Sommerfeld
22CPanelsMini Raised Panels Made EasyMarc Sommerfeld
17DPower Saws12 Great Table Saw JigsJim Heavey
33DPower SawsBandsaw TuningAlex & Howard Snodgrass
58DPower SawsEssential Band Saw TechniquesWoodworker’s Guild of America G. Vondriska ’09
34APower SawsHow to Make Your Bandsaw WorkAlex Snodgrass
06APower SawsMastering Your BandsawMark Duginske
58BPower SawsMastering Your Bandsaw (copy 2)Mark Duginske
19BPower SawsMastering Your Table SawKelly Mehler
01DPower SawsScroll Saw, A Beginner's GuideJohn Burke
01BPower SawsTable Saw Jigs & FixturesMatthew Teague
10DPower SawsTable Saws and Band SawsJim Stack, David Thiel
58CPower SawsTable Saw Tips & TechniquesWoodworker’s Guild of America G. Vondriska ’09
01APower SawsUltimate Table Saw Guide (3 Books)
09APower ToolsJointers and PlanersJim Stack, David Thiel
05DPower ToolsMastering Woodworking MachinesMark Duginske
28AProductsApollo Sprayers HVLP Instructional
44DProductsFisch Tools Product Catalog
28DProductsHEC Woodworking Machinery
60DProductsGRR-Ripper Instructions and Techniques VL 1Microjig, Inc.
47AProductsHoffmann Woodworking Machinery Manuel
28BProductsKerfkore EconoKORE Timberflex Flexboard Fabrication/Demos
60CProductsLaguna ToolsLaguna
27AProductsMagswitch Woodworking Products
26AProductsOsborne Wood Products CAD Catalog Version 4.2
27CProductsQuality VAKuum Products Instructional DVD
39CProductsSharpening Made Easy (Diamond Stone Promotional)James Barry
26DProductsSoutheast Tool PDF Catalog V10
28CProductsSuper Thin Saws 2010 e-catalog
27DProductsWhy Risk a Dust Explosion?
29AProductsWorld's Safest Table Saws
38AProfileSam MaloofSam Maloof
38BProfileTage FridTage Frid
29DProjectsBookcase with Bracket FeetPhillip C. Lowe
30DProjectsGarden BenchMatt Kenney
23BProjectsHome Projects
31DProjectsPlantation ShuttersNorm Abram
56BProjectsPolygons (using a Dubby Sled)Jerry Cole
59DProjectsShop Projects: Flag Case, Shop Bench & TableWoodworker’s Guild of America G. Vondriska ’09
21DReferenceComplete Illustrated Guide to Woodworking Vol 1Rae, Rogowski, Bird, Settich
21CReferenceComplete Illustrated Guide to Woodworking (Books)Rae, Rogowski, Bird, Settich
11BReferenceExperts' Guide to the Business of Woodworking (2 Books)
09BReferenceFine Woodworking Magazine Archive, 1975-2011
32AReferencePopular Woodworking Magazine Back Issues 1995-2012
01CReferenceQuick-Start Guide to Woodworking (Book)Popular Woodworking
33AReferenceShopNotes Back Issues, 1992-2012, #1-126
03CReferenceTool Basics for Getting Started in WoodworkingMegan Fitzpatrick
04CReferenceWoodshop Video Series (check condition)Fine Woodworking
09DReferenceWoodsmith Magazine Back Issues #1-204
09CReferenceWoodsmith Magazine Back Issues #1-200
14DRouterAdvanced Router Jigs and FixturesMarc Adams
23DRouterDeluxe Router Station (with paper plan)Norm Abram
29BRouterDremel Projects 60+ projects, 500+ tips
07DRouterGetting Started with RoutersDavid Thiel
08CRouterLine & Berry String Inlay by RouterGlen D. Huey
37DRouterRouter Jigs & TechniquesBernie Maas & Mike Fortune
32BRouterRouter TableMatt Kenney
22ARouterRouter Tables Made EasyMarc Sommerfeld
20AShop5 Workbench Plans
03BShopBuild a SawbenchChristopher Schwarz
03AShopBuild an 18th Century WorkbenchChristopher Schwarz
60BShopEssential Woodworking TechniquesWoodworker’s Journal
17AShopGuide to Perfect Glue-upsJim Heavey
59AShopJigs Fixtures & Shop-Made HelpersWoodworker’s Guild of America G. Vondriska ’09
31BShopMonster WorkbenchMatt Kenney
23AShopRouter Projects
39AShopSharing Secrets - Methods of Work Copy 2Marc Adams
15AShopSharing Secrets – Methods of Work Copy 1Marc Adams
25AShopSmall Shop Projects Copy 1Jim Cummins
25BShopSmall Shop Projects Copy 2Jim Cummins
12CShopSmall Shop Tips & Techniques Copy 1Jim Cummins
12DShopSmall Shop Tips & Techniques Copy 2Jim Cummins
49CShopTips & Tricks in the Workshop Disc 1Charles Neil
49DShopTips & Tricks in the Workshop Disc 2Charles Neil
17CShopWoodworking Secrets: Tips & TechniquesJim Heavey
23CShopWorkshop Projects
39BShopWorkshop SafetyMarc Adams
37ATechniquesBuilding DrawersAndy Rae
17BTechniquesCutting and Installing Crown MoldingJim Heavey
18CTechniquesPyrography Workshop, Hawk Portrait Disc 1 of 2Sue Walters
18DTechniquesPyrography Workshop, Hawk Portrait Disc 2 of 2Sue Walters
37CTechniquesSketchUp Guide for Woodworkers – The BasicsDave Richards
55CTurningBeyond the Basic Bowl: Advanced Bowl TechniquesBill Grumbine
07ATurningBowl Turning Copy 1Del Stubbs
07BTurningBowl Turning Copy 2Del Stubbs
30BTurningClassic Profiles Woodturning 5Dennis White
50BTurningEccentric Chuck ProjectsRobert Sorby
31ATurningHollow TurningJohn Jordan
55BTurningManta Ray: Antipodean Adventures in Woodturning (2 discs)Terry Scott
31CTurningNovelties and Projects Woodturning 4Dennis White
50CTurningPro Edge: Ultimate Sharpening SystemRobert Sorby
32DTurningSharpening Woodturning Tools 2 discs- together in sleeveMike Darlow
47BTurningStarting out WoodturningRobert Sorby
55ATurningThe McNaughton Center SaverMike Mahoney
58ATurningThe Skew ChiselAllan Batty
50ATurningThread Cutting with Robert SorbyRobert Sorby
33BTurningTurning Bowls Woodturning 2Dennis White
19CTurningTurning Boxes Copy 1Richard Raffan
19DTurningTurning Boxes Copy 2Richard Raffan
41DTurningTurning for Fun and ProfitNick Cook
60ATurningWood Turning EssentialsWoodworker’s Guild of America G. Vondriska ’09
33CTurningWoodturning Projects with Rex & Kip Vol 4Burningham & Christensen
55DTurningTurned Boxes: The Finial BoxRay Key
07CTurningTurning ProjectsRichard Raffan
06DTurningTurning WoodRichard Raffan