One of the member benefits in the Woodworkers Guild of Georgia is having access to the Guild library containing over 200 DVDs. The library has been formed over time through Guild purchases and donations from members, sponsors or other persons as well as fines collected from overdue borrowers.

If you want to check out a DVD from the Guild library during the pandemic while the Guild is not having in-person meetings, please email or call Roger Moister, Librarian. You can contact him HERE for details.

The following rules apply to the library:
  1. Any Guild member in good standing may check out or borrow up to 2 DVDs from the library at a Guild meeting at Woodcraft. Borrowers may retain the DVDs until the next meeting at Woodcraft or off-site event occurring in the following month.
  2. Borrowers must return the DVDs to the Guild librarian at the next meeting at Woodcraft or off-site event, or in the librarian’s absence, to the Guild president. Alternatively, if a borrower is not able to attend the next meeting at Woodcraft or off-site event when the DVDs are due, they may be mailed or personally delivered to the Guild librarian upon advance notice to him, Roger Moister at 2100 Golfview Dr NW Atlanta GA 30309 ( or 404-355 5033) or other Guild librarian in the future.
  3. There is no charge for borrowing DVDs, but if DVDs are retained longer than the time stated above, a fine of $3.00 per month per DVD will be imposed on the borrower. The fine will be waived for any month in which a Woodcraft meeting or off-site event is canceled.
  4. At the discretion of the librarian, a borrower may be asked to pay the replacement cost for any DVD which is damaged while checked out or not returned within 90 days of the check-out date. Failure to pay the replacement cost shall result in loss of library or other privileges, as specified by the board until payment is made.
  5. The library is not transported to off-site events so DVDs will not be available for check out there.
  6. If you would like for the library to purchase a specific DVD, please furnish the librarian the name, presenter and source for the request to be considered.
  7. The library welcomes donations of DVDs from members or others. If you wish to donate, please contact the Guild librarian HERE.
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If you find a DVD you would like to check out, just note its page number. You may email the Guild Librarian to reserve the DVD for checkout when the library opens at the next meeting at Woodcraft. Click here to email the Guild Librarian.