The Guild has numerous events and happenings other than regular meetings. This is the place where you can catch up on them with photos and videos.
This page is for members and non-members alike.


Recent visit to the Greenville Woodworkers Guild

On September 26 the Strategic Planning Committee visited Greenville to tour their facility and ask questions. We were of course impressed, not only by their shop, but by their commitment to their original vision. They have 800 members with a population base that is 1/20 of Metro Atlanta. You can learn more about their guild here.

It truly was an inspiration to us as we plan for the future of our Guild!

Recent visit to the Alabama Woodworkers Guild

On September 12 the Strategic Planning Committee visited their shop in Maylene, AL, just southwest of Birmingham. They were truly gracious and answered our many questions as we toured their former schoolhouse donated to them by Habitat for Humanity. You can learn more about their guild here.

The visit was a big step forward in seeing the future potential of our Guild!