This map displays Guild-related information using Google Maps. We try to keep this information as up-to-date as possible, but errors may occur. Please let us know if a location is incorrect or mislabeled.

We currently provide the following location data:
  • Location of our new monthly Guild meeting <<< NEW !!
  • Location of current ShopWatch meeting sites
  • Locations of Guild member shops
  • Locations of Mentors in our Guild Mentoring program
  • Locations of other Guild meeting places and venues
  • Store locations of our local Patron Sponsors
  • Radial distances centered on the Atlanta city center
Instructions for using this map:
  • Click the upper left rectangle icon: You will see a list of layers — show or hide layers by clicking one or more check boxes
  • If the map is too cluttered to navigate, click the upper right rectangle icon to expand your view
  • If you have a mouse wheel, rotate it forward or backward to zoom in or zoom out
  • Click any point on the map, then drag it to a more convenient position on your screen
  • Click any location icon to see detailed information about that person or place
  • Click Here to view this Google map in a new window and perform detailed searches!
Interesting Examples

If you select several different map layers at the same time, you can change the map to show a visual overlay of all information at once. For instance, you can:

  • Select Members, ShopWatch Locations and Distance Rings to estimate distance from a ShopWatch site
  • Select Members and Distance Rings to estimate your distance from other members
  • Select Members, Mentors and Distance Rings to estimate your distance from a Mentor.
  • Select Members, Patron Sponsors and Distance Rings to estimate distance from a patron store.

We try to keep our maps up-to-date but errors sometimes occur. If you spot a problem, please contact our webmaster and explain the issue. We will try to correct it quickly. Thanks!