The map displayed here uses the Google Maps application to display useful Guild-related information. We currently provide data on locations in the Atlanta area related to our Guild Members, Mentors, Patron Sponsors, and common meeting locations. We will keep this information as up-to-date as possible.

Things you can do here

  • View home locations of Guild members
  • View home locations of Mentors in our Guild Mentoring program
  • View locations of common Guild meeting places and venues
  • View locations of our Patron Sponsors
  • View radial distances of locations centered on Atlanta


  • To use, click the upper left rectangle icon, then select the type of map you wish to view.
  • If the map is too cluttered to navigate, click the upper right rectangle icon to expand your view.
  • If you have a mouse wheel, just rotate it forward or backward to zoom the map in or out.
  • Click anywhere on the map and drag it to a more convenient position.
  • Click any location balloon to see detailed information about that person or place.
  • Click Here to view this Google map in a new window and perform a detailed search!

Interesting Examples

If you select several different types of map at the same time, you can specially tailor the map to show a visual overlay of all information at once. For instance, you can:

  • Select ‘Members‘ and ‘Distance Rings‘ to see your distance from other members.
  • Select ‘Members‘, ‘Mentors‘ and ‘Distance Rings‘ to see your distance from a Mentor.
  • Select ‘Members’, ‘Meeting Places‘ and ‘Distance Rings‘ to see your distance from a meeting place.
  • Select ‘Members‘, ‘Patron Sponsors‘ and ‘Distance Rings‘ to see your distance from a patron store.

We try to keep our maps up-to-date but errors sometimes occur. If you spot a problem, please contact our webmaster and explain the issue. We will try to correct it quickly. Thanks!