The map displayed here uses the Google Maps application to display specially-formatted Guild member information.

It allows you to locate Guild members having interests like yours.

Things you can do here

  • View locations of Guild members
  • View locations of common Guild meeting places and venues
  • View locations of all Mentors in our Guild Mentoring program
  • View locations of our Patron Sponsors
  • View radial distances centered on Atlanta


  • To use, click on the upper left rectangle icon, then select the type of map you wish to view.
  • If the map is too cluttered to navigate, click the upper right rectangle icon to expand your view.
  • If you have a mouse wheel, just rotate it forward or backward to zoom the map in or out.
  • Click anywhere on the map and drag it to a more convenient position.
  • Click on any location balloon to see detailed information about that person or place

(Click Here to view Google Maps in a new window and do a detailed search!)

If you select several different types of information at the same time, you can specially tailor the map
to make a visual overlay of all information at once:

  • Select ‘Members’ and ‘Distance Rings’ to see your distance from other members.
  • Select ‘Members’, ‘Mentors’ and ‘Distance Rings’ to see your distance from a Mentor.
  • Select ‘Members’, ‘Meeting Places’ and ‘Distance Rings’ to see your distance from a meeting place.
  • Select ‘Members’, ‘Patron Sponsors’ and ‘Distance Rings’ to see your distance from a patron store.

We try to keep this data up-to-date, but errors do occur. If you spot a problem, please contact our webmaster
and explain the issue. We will try to correct it quickly. Thanks!