In this month’s column, I want to talk about inspiration.  As a hand tool woodworker sometimes, it is just nice to sit back and watch someone with great skill use hand tools to create a masterpiece.  The most recent video posting to YouTube by Doucette and Wolfe is an outstanding example of skill and craftsmanship.  I encourage you to take a few minutes away from making elegant sawdust and watch these masters at work. 

I did not know much about these folks, but they have some awesome videos available that are sure to inspire the hand tool woodworkers.  They are not slaves to hand tools and use power tools to accomplish many of the tasks that an apprentice would have done back in the day.  Matthew Wolfe and Moriah Doucette work in Mt. Washington Valley, ME and make custom, museum quality furniture. 

Mathew Wolfe and Moriah Doucette

From their website,

“We are a one man, one woman custom furniture shop, in the Mountains of Western Maine.   We are extremely passionate about making beautiful, functional pieces of furniture for our clients. Future family heirlooms that can be used and enjoyed for generations.   We always are looking for new ways to expand our knowledge to produce a more sophisticated all around final product.  Each and every piece we make is handmade entirely in our shop, from the selection of the finest hardwoods, the fitting of each joint to the final finish.”

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