June 2019

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President’s Message

June, 2019

Gary Fader

A Family Affair

Instead of our usual June Thursday night meeting, our programs committee has arranged a picnic and tool sale/swap on June 15th. Our own John Jones has graciously agreed to host the event at his home in Cumming (see separate announcement in the newsletter).  I’ve been there and I guarantee you will be impressed with the grounds and the shop. John is one of those “people persons” who enjoys entertaining and embraces all he meets.

But this event is meant to be more than just about tools, although we hope you will find some bargains to your liking. It’s also about friendships and getting families together; really an extension of our holiday party.  For many years, spouses have attended the holiday party and the result has been the formation of some long-lasting close relationships.  When some of our spouses got wind of the picnic plan, they jumped on the chance to broaden the invitation to families.  When you consider that the regular Guild members form a kind of family, this extension really made sense.  So, I hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to interact with other Guild families, let the kids meet each other, renew spousal acquaintances, and form some new relationships in this picnic setting.  And maybe you’ll also go home with that tool you always wanted.  See you there!


June 2019 Guild Meeting


The Woodworkers Guild of Georgia June meeting will consist of a Woodworking Tool Sale, followed by a family style Picnic. Families are welcome, but children must be supervised as there will be sharp tools on display.

Recently the Guild received a donation of a complete woodworking shop from the family of a life-long woodworker and former Woodcraft employee.

In addition to stationary tools like lathes, dust collector, belt-disc sander, 14″ bandsaw, sanding table, scroll saws, and others there are hundreds of hand tools, jigs and fixtures.

All items will be “priced to sell”

There will not be any “early bird” sales.

Plan to bring tools that you would like to sell. Be sure to bring a table or use your trunk or tailgate to display the tools you want to sell.

The sale will be held at John Jones house and shop located at 2055 Daves Creek Trail, Cumming, GA 30041. It is just east of GA-400, exit #14.

The tool sale starts at 9am-11:30am. The picnic, for members only and their guests, commences at noon. Menu is still to be determined.

For more information, email John Jones at John_J1@bellsouth.net. We do not plan to create a list of the items since there are so many and we are not prepared for emails asking for information on specific items or prices.

Register for both the tool sale and the picnic by clicking HERE. The Picnic is for members and their guests only.

Activate your account on the new Guild website

The Guild has launched the new Guild website at http://www.wwgofga.com/.  All members should have received an activation email directing you to create your new login and to update your profile (check your spam or junk folder as it was sent this past Friday).  If you have not received that email, please email admin@wwgofga.com and request that the activation email be sent to you again. You’ll also be able to register for this months picnic and tool sale on the new site.

May 2019 Guild Meeting

Our May Guild meeting was held on Thursday, May 9th at Woodcraft. This was a hands-on demonstrations of various sharpening systems, tools, jigs and techniques. Before the demonstrations began, Jim Milam discussed sharpening techniques based on his experiences.  There were 6 stations with various sharpening systems that the attendees could observe in use, ask questions and use the systems.  The demonstrators of the various systems included David Jarvis, John Jones, Kevin May, Tom Melcher, Jim Milam and Art Sanders.  This was a very useful demonstration as all of us need to keep our chisels and plane irons sharp.


Show ‘N Tell

During the May Guild meeting Bob Forsthoffer showed a photo of a mobile cabinet he made for his planer which allowed the planer to be retracted into the lower portion of the  cabinet when not in use so the cabinet could be stored under the table on his saw.  He also showed a photo of the wainscoting he made for his laundry room.

Great idea on your cabinet.

The next Show ‘N Tell will be during our July meeting.  Bring your projects to share with Guild members.

Upcoming Guild Meetings

July 11 – Virtual Shop Tours

August 8 – Using social media to drive a woodworking business by Jason Bent

September 12 – Toy assembly led by Nuane 


Instagram!  We want to make this a platform that our members use to share pictures of their projects, shops, jigs, or anything else that might be of interest to fellow woodworkers.  


Instagram is a social media app/website for sharing pictures and interacting with other people. Click HERE to watch a video for Instagram beginners:

Instagram is a tool that is used on your mobile phone. Take a picture on your phone and post it to Instagram.

The easiest way to access our Instagram account is clicking on the button at the top of any web page on our new website. You can also follow our Instagram account by searching on Instagram for (WoodworkersGuildofGeorgia) or click HERE. It doesn’t have many pictures at present which is why we are asking you to start posting.


     Approach 1 – Send pictures to the WWG Website Gallery 

Send pictures to the Guild so we can post them on our public Instagram account. You can send your pictures to the Guild by emailing them to wwggallery@wwgofga.com

Please include a brief description of the picture or project including relevant information such as kind of wood used, how it was finished, etc. You can include your name or Instagram account if you would like to be credited. 

The kind of pictures we are looking for are works in process or finished, recent or previous projects, shop pictures, jig pictures, cool tools pics or anything else you think Guild members or other Woodworkers would be interested in seeing. 

Please send us as many pictures as you can and as often as you can. 

     Approach 2 – Join Instagram and post images on your site that you share with the Guild

We would like to have as many members join Instagram as possible. When you join Instagram, you’ll be able to post your own pictures on your account. You will also be able to follow other guild members including the official Guild account. Then you’ll be able to see and comment on their pictures  

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing pictures, that’s okay. If you have an Instagram account, you can use it just to view other people’s pictures. 

In the future we would like to provide a list of suggested accounts for members to follow. Including other Guild members and famous Woodworkers. Having Guild members join Instagram will help the Guild and members out in many ways. 

  • The more people we have following our official account the easier it will be for it to grow. 
  • More people commenting on our photos will bring more people to our website that will hopefully join our Guild. 
  • Having Guild members follow each other on Instagram will help us stay in contact between meetings allowing us to help each other out by answering each other’s questions or just providing positive feedback on our current projects. 
  • Please help us by contributing to our Instagram story.

Peach State Chapter

Charleston Tea Table Workshop with Instructor Ron Young
Alpharetta Georgia Woodcraft Store: August 17 to August 21 2019

The Peach State Chapter of SAPFM is planning a workshop building a Charleston Tea Table. This table is about 26 inches tall and about 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep. Our email service is not currently allowing photographs so email apmoore@bellsouth.net for a picture of this table. SAPFM Cartouche winner Ron Young will be the instructor for this beautiful project. In order to have a beneficial experience, participation in the workshop will be limited to six members.

This workshop will be conducted on a break-even basis with the actual cost of the workshop divided among participants on the final day. This cost for instruction and facility is estimated to be $600.00. Participants may purchase mahogany from Ron for this table at an additional cost not yet determined or provide their own wood. A material list will be provided to those participants wishing to provide their own wood.

Participation in this workshop will be on a first-come, first-served basis. A $300.00 check made to “Peach State SAPFM” must be mailed to Arnie Moore at 395 Canterbury Lake, Milton, Georgia 30004 to secure your registration. Receipt of checks (not emails or calls) will determine order for registration. A waiting list will be maintained for registrations received after workshop capacity has been exceeded. Registration fees for those cancelling will be refunded only if a replacement participant is found.
A limited number of experienced members may choose to “audit” this workshop at no cost and assist Ron with instruction of less experienced members. Contact Arnie Moore at apmoore@bellsouth.net if you wish to audit this class.

Note that Marc Adams School of Woodworking charges over $1100 for a week’s course with Ron and this does not include travel or lodging. This workshop is a bargain!!
All Peach State SAPFM events are conducted at the Woodcraft Store at 8560 Holcomb Bridge Road in Alpharetta Georgia and will start at 9 am and end at 5 pm. Woodcraft is a well-stocked and gracious host and we strongly recommend you support their continued success. Note also that Woodcraft has agreed to open for the workshop on Sunday morning, August 18 even though they will not open for sales until noon.

NOTE:  The class is already subscribed with six participants including Arnie.  Members could put their names on a wait list or by expressing interest might encourage Ron to do a second class sometime.

June 12, 2019

Conservator Emeritus Brock Jobe has agreed to host a group of Peach State SAPFM members for a special tour of furniture pieces in the Winterthur collection and the furniture conservation workshop on June 12, 2019. If you would like to participate in this event contact Arnie Moore at apmoore@bellsouth.net for more details.

The following are scholarship reports submitted by scholarship recipients:
Training with Nick Cook
By Art Sanders

I had the good fortune to take a turning training class with Nick Cook. Nick is a legendary wood turner that we have the good fortune to have right in our backyard. He has done woodturning classes and seminars in most states and all over the world. He is a consultant to Powermatic and Robert Sorby and is frequently contacted for his advice on new products from other venders. He also knows and has collaborated with the biggest name in the wood turning world. At this point, I have to mention that Nick is a Functional Wood turner (my term). He turns objects that are to be used so he is always looking at function and well as form. He is also a production wood turner. Some items he sells he as turned thousands of.   The best part is he is a really nice guy and a wealth of information. Check out his website www.nickcookwoodurner.com for more information on Nick and his classes. On day one of Nick’s class, he started me out on the dreaded skew chisel, I was amazed when he had me rough out a square spindle blank with a skew chisel and then smooth it out with planeing cuts. It left a surface that needed very little sanding. I moved on to beads and cove cuts. I was starting to feel pretty good about the skew when Nick brought out his dribble project which is a great exercise for using a skew chisel.   The afternoon of day one we spent time on the different type of gouges and the different ways to grind them for different work. Again Nick is a wealth of information on sharpening systems and what works and what doesn’t. We finished by making some tops for for the grandkids. Nick showed me how to texture the tops and add some color to make them more interesting. These techniques can be used on many other turning projects. Day two was spent on different chucking techniques for bowl and plate turning. I had the opportunity to turn a plate and a bowl under the supervision of a master turner. Nick made me laugh many times when I would “screw up”.   He could tell from the sound that was made exactly what I had failed to do correctly. He was very patient with me as I tried to unlearn some bad habits I have picked up over the years at the lathe. The class was excellent! I highly recommend it, and I wish I had taken it twenty-five years ago. I will reiterate, we are extremely lucky to have a resource like Nick Cook right here in Atlanta. Check him out.


Router Basics Class

By  Matt Zitlow

On March 10th, 2019, I attended a router basics class at Highland Woodworking.  Jim Dillon was the class instructor. The class lasted four hours and the cost was $85.  When I saw the router basics class, I signed up immediately because I wanted to know how to properly use my routers. The class covered router and router table inspection, safety and set-up including the anatomy of a router and how all the parts fit together. While the class did not make any items, we did learn the proper use and care of a router and router table. I thought Mr. Dillon did an excellent job of teaching the class. He presented us with a handout and his demonstration was easy to follow. The class wasn’t overcrowded and everyone could easily see everything Mr. Dillon presented. The students also had hand-on demonstrations of how to run a project through a router. He also answered everyone’s questions in a way that everyone understood how routers worked and how to care for them by the end of the class.  Highland Woodworking offers numerous classes which are easy to find information on since they publish the classes up to 6 months in advance in their catalogs. The class descriptions they provide give an overview, tools and/ or books needed, price, project made and the instructor. At Highlands, the classroom shop is upstairs in an area on its own, this provides privacy and quiet even when the store is open. The shop is well lighted, the air flow is good and the temperature is comfortable. There was seating available for everyone and coffee provided. While there were tools and workbenches available around the class room, we only focused on the three or four routers set up in classroom.  In fact, students were encouraged to bring their own personal routers with them to the class and some students did. Although the parking at Highlands is a little bit limited, I had no trouble finding a space and felt secure both arriving and leaving. The class and instructor were excellent. I would recommend them both. Particularly if you are new to using a router. The class covered everything you need to know about the basics of use, maintenance of routers, and safe operation.  Before taking the class, I applied for the Woodworkers Guild of Georgia scholarship award.  I presented the application and my receipt for payment to the scholarship director at a Guild meeting and received a sixty percent refund in the mail in just a few days. Another payment of an additional fifteen percent is awarded after you present an article or talk on the class at a meeting. This means that seventy-five percent of the cost of the class in refunded through the scholarship award. This is such a great benefit of membership.

Mr Dillon began the class by explaining the three main parts of a router. Those are the motor, the base, and the bit. Most manufactures consider the power cord and the collets (the nut which secures the bit to the router) as wear parts which will need to be replaced due to regular use. The power cord and the collets should be inspected before every use of your router. Mr. Dillon explained there are two main types of router bases, fixed and plunge.  You can also utilize a router table for a fixed base. Any of these bases must be inspected before each router use. If, during inspection a burr is found on the base, use one hundred grit sandpaper to remove before use. Then you can use Briwax polish on the bases to help ensure they move smoothly. Any wax used must be free of silicon because silicon will scratch the base and your project. Collets must be cleaned before each use. Also before inserting the bit into the collet, inspect the bit to make sure shaft is clean and is not bent as well as making sure the bit is sharp. This is because a dirty shaft and/or collet will not tighten properly which makes it unsafe, while a bent shaft or dull bit will cause chattering.  A dull bit might also burn the project.  To clean the collet use a soft bristle brush and alcohol. The bits should be cleaned with dedicated blade and bit cleaner and a brass or poly brush. We also learned, when inserting the bits into the collet, insert them ¾ of an inch. This is the safest depth to use. Then if there is a lot of wood to remove, do so in multiple passes. This will ensure a smoother finish. Another point made by Mr. Dillon was to only use ¼ inch shaft bits in a palm or trim router. The larger routers may cause the ¼ inch shaft to bend, making the bit unstable. Use ½ inch bits in larger routers and when using a router table. This is because the ½ inch bits are designed for heavier use. All in all it was a great class and I learned a lot thanks to Highland Woodworking, Mr. Jim Dillon and the Woodworking Guild of Georgia scholarship award.


Free Demonstrations



Rockler:   6690 Roswell Road / Sandy Springs and 425 Ernest Barrett Pkwy / Kennesaw

Jun 8:      11:00      Wood Tie Make & Take Event

Jun 15:    11:00      Resawing Lumber

Jun 22:   11:00      Using the Rockler Miterfold Dado Set

Jun 29:   11:00      Professional Finishing with Rockler Finishing Sprayer

Jul 6:      11:00      Laguna Power Tool Demonstration


Woodcraft:   8560 Holcomb Bridge Road / Roswell   

Jun 8:      1:00      Hand Plane Tune-up   

Jun 15:    1:00      Hand Carving 

Jun 22:   1:00      Using Milk/Chalk Paints To Create A Distressed Finish

Jun 29:   1:00      Hand-Cut Dovetails


Support Your Woodworkers Guild of Georgia Patron Sponsors 

Proof of Guild membership is required by Patron Sponsors that offer discounts. Your membership card can be printed from our Guild website.  Login and go to Guild Info > Members Only, and click on Membership Card. If you would like to pick up your membership card at the next Guild meeting, email us with your member name.


CAG Lumber – CAG Lumber is known for the largest selection of live edge slabs and unusual woods from all over the world. They sell by the net, not the gross, so you take home what you pay for with no added on or hidden fees.  They can saw your logs, kiln dry, resaw lumber, plane, straight line, and glue up ready.  They are large enough to handle your needs and small enough to give one-on-one personal service.  Guild members show membership card to receive 10% off most items, except items on clearance or discounted.  Check out their web site http://www.caglumber.com/, they stock a lot more than is listed. 

Fintech Abrasives – For over 25 years, Fintech Technologies has been fabricating belts, sheets, rolls and other abrasives. They also have extensive experience with the application of the newest materials in coated abrasives. Family owned and operated in Belding, MI, Fintech is a highly respected company that takes pride in its excellent product quality, unmatched customer service, and superior technical support. Guild members are welcome to order products, as well as contact them with questions. Call them at 1-888-223-8768.  http://www.fintechabrasives.com/

Highland Woodworking – Providing fine woodworking tools and project supplies since 1978, Highland defines itself as a learning community. The store has attracted nationally known teachers and authors including Tage Frid, Sam Maloof, Michael Dunbar, Rude Osolnik, Toshio Odate, Dale Nish, Mark Duginske and many others in Highland’s ongoing program of seminars and workshops. They have some great woodworking class opportunities coming up with classes and seminars every week that include basic sharpening techniques, turning, finishing, project builds, and much more!  Visit their website to see their class schedule. Their catalog of fine woodworking tools and workshops is available online, or visit their fully-stocked store at 1045 N. Highland Avenue in Atlanta, 30306. 404-872-4466. http://www.highlandwoodworking.com/  

Peach State Lumber Products – They are dealers of high grade/cabinet quality hardwoods, plywood, softwood, veneer and also carry a full line of cabinet grade plywood and turning blocks. They welcome small quantity orders and have a retail sales area open to the public. They also carry Hettich brand hinges and drawer slides and have hardware screws and pocket hole screws. They also have live edge slabs in multiple species, great for bar tops, mantels, etc. Show your Guild membership card to receive their 500 b.f. price on any qualifying purchase. Located at 4000 Moon Station Road, Kennesaw, 30144. 770-428-3622.  http://www.peachstatelumber.com/  

Peachtree Woodworking Supply – Peachtree is a producer and retailer of high quality woodworking products with a goal of providing the woodworker with the hard to find tools and accessories. They stock over 6,000 different woodworking items. Those items include a wide selection of abrasives, books, DVD’s, clamps, router bits, glue, t-track, dust collection, and much more.  Peachtree also carries the major brands. The store is located at 6684 Jimmy Carter Blvd., Suite 100, Norcross, GA 30071,   770-458-5539.  Store Hours: Mon – Fri 9 am.- 5 p.m., Sat 9 am – 3 pm.    http://www.ptreeusa.com/ 

Redmond Machinery – Specializes in new and used woodworking and metal working machinery in a 25,000 square foot showroom. They stock machinery, accessories, and supplies from top-name manufacturers. Bargain hunters, check out their large inventory of used and scratch and dent machinery and accessories. They are a source for older American made Powermatic and Delta parts. Guild members are invited to stop by and visit. They are located at 58 Weldon Rd.,  Palmetto, GA 30268, 770-683-7297 or 800-428-9898.  http://www.redmondmachinery.com/ 

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware – (Two Locations) – Rockler began as a mail order woodworking supply company and today the retail chain stretches across the United States. Their magazine, Woodworker’s Journal, is dedicated to offering plans, techniques, product reviews and tips to woodworkers. Their goal is to be your go-to woodworking resource. Please mention you are a Guild members BEFORE your purchase to receive 10% OFF everyday (normal exclusions apply). You are invited to visit them at 6690 Roswell Road in Sandy Springs 404-460-1000, OR 425 Ernest W. Barrett Pkwy in Kennesaw 678-383-0087.  Hours are Monday-Friday 9 am to 7 pm, Saturday 9 am to 6 pm, and Sunday 11 am to 4 pm. On Saturdays they have free demos.  http://www.rockler.com/retail/stores/ga 

Suwanee Lumber Company –  Is a specialty hardwood supplier for custom cabinet and furniture makers as well as the general public. Suwanee features hardwood lumber with matching plywood and other materials to make every project a work of art. Please show your Guild membership card when shopping to receive Level 4 pricing (1,000 b.f. pricing). Their location is 540 Satellite Blvd. in Suwanee, GA 30024.  770-945-2102.    http://www.suwaneelumber.com/ 

Woodcraft – (Two Locations)  –  Has been a woodworker’s favorite source for quality hand and power tools, equipment and supplies (including wood). Cabinet makers, wood turners, carvers and woodworkers in general rely on their friendly, experienced staff that is always available to help with the selection of tools and supplies as well as provide helpful advice on individual projects. They have fully equipped classroom facilities. Guild members receive 10% OFF qualifying purchases during the monthly Guild meeting or Symposiums at the Alpharetta store. Stop by their store at 8560 Holcomb Bridge Road in Alpharetta, GA 30022, 770-587-3372  OR their west side Store at 351 Thornton Road in Lithia Springs. GA 30122, 770-485-5636.  http://www.woodcraft.com/stores/atlanta


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