President’s Message

March 2020

John Champion

I must admit … I am a tool collector

Our March meeting is about “your favorite tool”, or at least the favorite of several of our member presenters. It will be a lot of fun and fascinating to compare what others identify as their favorites. 

I always thought of myself as a woodworker and still do. But I have come to accept the notion and must admit that I am also a tool collector at heart, and I love it.  I am sure many of you are too.

Growing up, we had a few basic tools around our house, and I had an early interest in making things though my tool options and skills were limited. As a young adult, I would pull out the Sears insert in the weekend newspaper to look at the “tool toys”.  That was in the days when Sears had a tool reputation.   I got a kick out of wandering through the tool department there.  But I really enjoyed the thrill of the serious wood tools you could find at Highland Hardware (now Highland Woodworking) or one of the few catalog outlets that catered to woodworkers.

My father-in-law introduced me to Fine Woodworking, and I became an early subscriber. I marveled at what could be found in those pages and it expanded my imagination about woodworking.  That introduced a whole new dimension of tools to me.

I recognized in those days that tool ownership could get expensive unless there was a purpose for them, so I began a lifetime of “tool rationalization”.

My first workbench was a hollow core door on top of two sawhorses in an unfinished basement. My first power tool was a Sears circular saw.  This was needed to do any type of wood cutting.  My first big tool was a Craftsman 10-inch contractors saw which served me well for years.  I needed that to do any precision cutting of wood for projects. 

My first big project was to build a workbench which I still use. I made it out of hard maple with an end vise and complete set of dovetailed drawers (don’t look closely at the dovetails – it was my first attempt).  This gave me storage space to replace some repurposed floor kitchen cabinets that had been removed in a remodel by the previous homeowner.  The reality was the drawers were so bad in these old cabinets and the space so inaccessible that my tools were stored mostly on the countertop.  That was a horrible set up which led to my workbench project.

So, in order to make a workbench, I needed a plane to level the top and some chisels to cut dovetails for all the drawers. So that was my first excuse for buying some tools as I could build rather than buy.

I am also a home improvement fixit type of person. So, when I needed to rebuild some walls, I had to buy powered nail guns.  It was cheaper than paying someone else to do the job.  I needed drills for various projects around the house.  Other types of saws and routers followed, and all associated with different projects.  As projects moved from home fixit to having fun, I acquired more tools. 

In recent years, I moved from buying tools for projects to buying tools that I thought would be fun to use for projects that might be in the future. I looked at these as “lifetime purchases”.  If I was going to buy it sometime in my lifetime, why not the present?  I now have collected hand planes and expanded my assortment of bigger power tools.  I enjoy them all and use them all regularly.  My only regret is I did not start collecting tools and expanding my woodworking skills sooner. 

If I picked a favorite from all I have, it is probably a simple Lie-Nielsen block plane. It is small, simple tool that fits in the palm of your hand and is my constant go-to tool that can take off a whisper of wood to get a piece to fit, level a spot on a flat surface, clean up end grain, ease the sharp edges on a board, taper a leg, and more.

Do you have a favorite tool? Come early to the March meeting and share your enthusiasm with other members.

I look forward to seeing you at a meeting soon.

February 2020 Guild Meeting:

Marion Smith and John Ogilvie continued their interesting and educational presentation on wood filling, staining and finishing woodworking projects.  They demonstrating the grain filling followed by staining samples.  In addition, they had numerous samples of various finishes that were available for guild members to examine.

If you are a member and did not attend, or would like a refresher, you can watch the entire meeting by clicking on Connect > Meeting Summaries from the main menu above. You will also see more photos and a number of supporting documents from the meeting.


March 12th
 Favorite Woodworking Tools

During our March 12th Guild Meeting several members will present their favorite woodworking tools and explore why it is their favorite, how they use it and where/how you can obtain one.

Don’t miss this program and the opportunity to consider how one or more of these tools might enhance your woodworking skills and project results.

Be sure to arrive early in order to use your Guild membership to receive discounted prices as you shop prior to the start of the meetings. Please consider bringing a friend, neighbor or colleague as your guest!

April 9th

Router Clinic

May 14th

Octagonal Box Construction with Ronnie Young

May 30th and 31st

Spring Symposium with Matt Kenney

Hands-On Workshop

Thursday, March 5th from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm

At our February meeting we announced plans for a Hands-On Workshop where members will have the opportunity to work directly with John Ogilvie and Marion Smith to try out their techniques on grain filling and coloring.

The Hands-On workshop will be on Thursday, March 5th from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm at the Woodcraft store on Holcomb Bridge Road. There is no cost to attend although we will “pass the hat” to pay for supplies used by attendees during the meeting.

Space is limited, so you will need to register as soon as possible on the Guild Website to reserve a slot. Click here to register.

Registration ends March 4th at Noon

Lunch will NOT be provided. We suggest that you bring your lunch, but we may need to call for pizza delivery.

Peach State Chapter



Our own Peach State Members will be presenting at this meeting.  Please bring along your woodworking buddies as guests. 

The agenda for the meeting is:

Saturday, March 21: Ron Young and Jay Stallman will be presenting their “Kentucky” flintlock long rifle reproductions at our meeting.  Both Ron and Jay have briefly shown these two rifles at our chapter lunchtime “show and tell” sessions and these sessions have generated much interest and many questions.  Ron and Jay will discuss the details of construction of these rifles at some length at our March meeting.  Emphasis will be placed on the woodworking aspects of these projects such as stock carving and inlay but the metal working aspects will be covered in detail as well.  This is a wonderful opportunity to have your questions concerning these fascinating weapons answered.  If building one of these remarkable articles is on your bucket list, attending this session will give you a huge head start.  Please feel free to invite guests who may be interested in flintlock rifles, but maybe not furniture, to attend.



Sunday morning, March 22: John Ogilvie and Marion Smith will present about a four hour session on the selection and application of wood finishing products including sealers, dyes, stains, waxes and protective topcoats.  Their methods utilize commonly available products available at Woodcraft.  Brushing, wiping and spraying application methods will be discussed, including HVLP spraying.  Marion and John have developed a quick method to fill grain in open grained woods.  This process allows very controlled and uniform staining after the grain has been filled.

Due to time constraints, advance registration at this event is not required.  The fee for the Saturday long rifle presentation is $35.00 and the fee for the Sunday finishing presentation is $25.00 for both members and guests.  Members and guests may attend both the Saturday and the Sunday event for $50.00. 

As usual members and guests may bring portable projects they have completed for “show and tell” Saturday noon.  Bring photos of larger projects on thumb-drives.  Members may bring used tools and books for a swap in the backroom of Woodcraft on Saturday during breaks and lunch.  We will bring in lunch from Chick-Fil-A on Saturday for an extra fee to cover costs.  Bring a bag lunch if you choose.  We plan to finish Sunday by 1:00 PM and will not break for lunch.   

All Peach State SAPFM events are conducted at the Woodcraft Store at 8560 Holcomb Bridge Road in Alpharetta Georgia.  The Peach State Chapter is grateful for the wonderful support extended to our group by the manager of the Alpharetta Woodcraft Store, Robert Stebbins, and his highly competent staff.  Woodcraft is a well-stocked and gracious host and we strongly recommend you support their continued success.  Our meetings and workshops would not be possible without this support.   Note that this store will open for our meeting at 9 am on Saturday and Sunday but will not open to the public for sales until noon on Sunday. The Woodcraft Corporation requires a strict opening protocol for their employees.  If you arrive early, please do not knock on the door as this will only delay opening



Looking for some great tool buys for all of your shop needs?  Check out the Trading Post on the main menu or under Forums on our website!  There are some great tool buys including some full shop liquidations.  Big tools and small tools alike are available at great prices. 

Also, check out the Off-Topic Forum for service offerings.

To get there, go to and under menus, select Connect > Forums.  You will be asked to log in as a member if you haven’t already.

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Show ‘N Tell

Due to the February program, no Show ‘N Tell was held during the meeting.                        

The next Show ‘N Tell will be during our March 12th meeting.  Bring your latest projects to share with Guild members.

Upcoming Events

International Woodworking Fair, August 25-28, 2020

Get ready: Registration for North America’s largest woodworking event opens January 7.

Register for the woodworking industry’s must-attend show. You’ll find out all that’s new and next in manufacturing technology, innovation, product design, learning and networking.

IWF Atlanta. Where the woodworking business does business.SM

New Guild Members
Please welcome the following new and returning members to the Guild:

Ken Johnson, Marietta, GA

John Manton, Cumming, GA

Joshua Smith, Lawrenceville, Ga

John Ogilvie, Waleska, GA

Jerry Parks, Ellijay, Ga

Geary Beaulieu, Cumming, GA

Kevin Kline, Acworth, GA

Free Demonstrations

Rockler:   6690 Roswell Road / Sandy Springs and 425 Ernest Barrett Pkwy / Kennesaw

Mar 7:         11:00         Wood Turning Techniques with Jet Power Tools

Mar 14:      11:00          Sorby ProEdge Sharpening

Mar 21:       11:00          Finishing Techniques with Old Masters’ Wiping Stains

Mar 28:     11:00          SawStop Professional Table Saws

Apr 4:        11:00          Dovetail Joinery

Apr 11:       11:00          Spindle Turning

Woodcraft:   8560 Holcomb Bridge Road / Roswell   

Mar 7:       1:00           Surface Prep – Sanding Options

Mar 14:     1:00           SawStop Table Saw

Mar 21:     1:00         

Mar 28:    1:00          Using Stains, Water Vs. Oil

Apr 4:       1:00          Turning a Shaving Brush

Apr 11:      1:00         

Support Your Woodworkers Guild of Georgia Patron Sponsors 

CAG Lumber – CAG Lumber is known for the largest selection of live edge slabs and unusual woods from all over the world. They sell by the net, not the gross, so you take home what you pay for with no added on or hidden fees.  They can saw your logs, kiln dry, resaw lumber, plane, straight line, and glue up ready.  They are large enough to handle your needs and small enough to give one-on-one personal service.  Guild members show membership card to receive 10% off most items, except items on clearance or discounted.  Check out their web site, they stock a lot more than is listed. 

Fintech Abrasives – For over 25 years, Fintech Technologies has been fabricating belts, sheets, rolls and other abrasives. They also have extensive experience with the application of the newest materials in coated abrasives. Family owned and operated in Belding, MI, Fintech is a highly respected company that takes pride in its excellent product quality, unmatched customer service, and superior technical support. Guild members are welcome to order products, as well as contact them with questions. Call them at 1-888-223-8768.

Highland Woodworking – Providing fine woodworking tools and project supplies since 1978, Highland defines itself as a learning community. The store has attracted nationally known teachers and authors including Tage Frid, Sam Maloof, Michael Dunbar, Rude Osolnik, Toshio Odate, Dale Nish, Mark Duginske and many others in Highland’s ongoing program of seminars and workshops. They have some great woodworking class opportunities coming up with classes and seminars every week that include basic sharpening techniques, turning, finishing, project builds, and much more!  Visit their website to see their class schedule. Their catalog of fine woodworking tools and workshops is available online, or visit their fully-stocked store at 1045 N. Highland Avenue in Atlanta, 30306. 404-872-4466.

Peach State Lumber Products – They are dealers of high grade/cabinet quality hardwoods, plywood, softwood, veneer and also carry a full line of cabinet grade plywood and turning blocks. They welcome small quantity orders and have a retail sales area open to the public. They also carry Hettich brand hinges and drawer slides and have hardware screws and pocket hole screws. They also have live edge slabs in multiple species, great for bar tops, mantels, etc. Show your Guild membership card to receive their 500 b.f. price on any qualifying purchase. Located at 4000 Moon Station Road, Kennesaw, 30144. 770-428-3622.

Peachtree Woodworking Supply – Peachtree is a producer and retailer of high quality woodworking products with a goal of providing the woodworker with the hard to find tools and accessories. They stock over 6,000 different woodworking items. Those items include a wide selection of abrasives, books, DVD’s, clamps, router bits, glue, t-track, dust collection, and much more.  Peachtree also carries the major brands. The store is located at 6684 Jimmy Carter Blvd., Suite 100, Norcross, GA 30071,   770-458-5539.  Store Hours: Mon – Fri 9 am.- 5 p.m., Sat 9 am – 3 pm.

Redmond Machinery – Specializes in new and used woodworking and metal working machinery in a 25,000 square foot showroom. They stock machinery, accessories, and supplies from top-name manufacturers. Bargain hunters, check out their large inventory of used and scratch and dent machinery and accessories. They are a source for older American made Powermatic and Delta parts. Guild members are invited to stop by and visit. They are located at 58 Weldon Rd.,  Palmetto, GA 30268, 770-683-7297 or 800-428-9898.

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware – (Two Locations) – Rockler began as a mail order woodworking supply company and today the retail chain stretches across the United States. Their magazine, Woodworker’s Journal, is dedicated to offering plans, techniques, product reviews and tips to woodworkers. Their goal is to be your go-to woodworking resource. Please mention you are a Guild members BEFORE your purchase to receive 10% OFF everyday (normal exclusions apply). You are invited to visit them at 6690 Roswell Road in Sandy Springs 404-460-1000, OR 425 Ernest W. Barrett Pkwy in Kennesaw 678-383-0087.  Hours are Monday-Friday 9 am to 7 pm, Saturday 9 am to 6 pm, and Sunday 11 am to 4 pm. On Saturdays they have free demos.

Suwanee Lumber Company –  Is a specialty hardwood supplier for custom cabinet and furniture makers as well as the general public. Suwanee features hardwood lumber with matching plywood and other materials to make every project a work of art. Please show your Guild membership card when shopping to receive Level 4 pricing (1,000 b.f. pricing). Their location is 540 Satellite Blvd. in Suwanee, GA 30024.  770-945-2102.

Woodcraft – (Two Locations)  –  Has been a woodworker’s favorite source for quality hand and power tools, equipment and supplies (including wood). Cabinet makers, wood turners, carvers and woodworkers in general rely on their friendly, experienced staff that is always available to help with the selection of tools and supplies as well as provide helpful advice on individual projects. They have fully equipped classroom facilities. Guild members receive 10% OFF qualifying purchases during the monthly Guild meeting or Symposiums at the Alpharetta store. Stop by their store at 8560 Holcomb Bridge Road in Alpharetta, GA 30022, 770-587-3372  OR their west side Store at 351 Thornton Road in Lithia Springs. GA 30122, 770-485-5636.

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