The Woodworkers Guild of Georgia’s motto is “Service Through Education and Fellowship”. This three legged stool fosters the craft of woodworking by welcoming all to learn, grow, and share.

Below is information about where we are, and where we want to go. If you are searching for a member group to join that will help you take your passion for woodworking to the next level, or two, consider joining us.

Your membership will not only advance your woodworking skills, but also provide an environment to make new friends and to get involved, benefitting the community at large.

Membership Information

The Woodworkers Guild of Georgia, founded in the Spring of 1982, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer organization comprised of approximately 230 members and growing. While most members reside in the Metro Atlanta area, we do have a number of members who live throughout the state, and beyond. This is because we use Zoom for most member meetings and events, and members also have online access to the recorded presentations. So you can watch and participate from anywhere.

Guild members share a common passion for woodworking. Guild members have a variety of woodworking interests, including furniture design and construction, tools and equipment, lumber prep, joinery, jigs and fixtures, shop design, turning, carving, finishing, CNC, software, and many more.

Membership Cost
The annual membership fee is currently $50 for an individual membership and includes the following.

Monthly Programs
Every month an evening program features a wide variety of woodworking subjects (see list below this block), ranging from classes by member or professional speakers, or demonstrations of a skill or tool. Monthly member meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month. Historically meetings have been held at Woodcraft on Holcomb Bridge Road, but for most of 2020 and 2021 have been held successfully on the Zoom platform. Most meetings are recorded and are available on our website with member access.

Presentations by nationally recognized woodworkers during our annual Symposium brings a high quality of woodworking knowledge to the audience, including notables such as Bob Van Dyke, Rollie Johnson, Peter Gedrys, Garrett Hack, Phil Lowe, Marc Adams, Will Neptune, Chris Gochnour, Kelly Mehler, and Jeff Miller.

Hands-On events are held as an extension of one of our regular meetings or Symposiums. This helps members put into practical use what is taught in meetings. For example, members met to build and assemble toys for our community outreach program following a presentation on toy building.

Community Service
The Guild has a commitment to the community.  Projects during the year allow members to improve their woodworking skills and benefit a variety of non-profit organizations. Our toy program allows members to make toys in their shops using downloadable plans available on our website.

Patron Sponsor Discounts
Our Patron Sponsors are retail woodworking suppliers of equipment, supplies, and wood. Many offer discounts to our members that can offset the cost of membership many times over.

Website and Social Media
A state of the art website that manages membership and includes archives of past meetings and events in both photo and video formats. The Guild’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts are also popular with members.

The newsletter keeps you up to date on happenings in the Guild and offers articles of woodworking interest and how-to articles on a variety of subjects.

The Future
We are currently in a growth mode for both increasing our membership and finding an Education Center for meetings, classes, and events.

The future is bright, come join us!

Previous monthly meeting topics are listed below, and are representative of programs going forward.
They are available for members to watch with photos, videos, and additional resources.

  • May 2024: Digital Carving (CNC) Projects
  • April 2024: Using a Router Table
  • March 2024: Making Tools and Jigs
  • February 2024: Rustic and Log Furniture
  • January 2024: Clamps and Glues
  • December 2023: Guild Annual Holiday Party
  • November 2023: Dust & Noise Impact & Control
  • October 2023: Toy Build
  • September 2023: Doug Stowe Symposium
  • August 2023: Drawer Construction
  • July 2023: Table Construction
  • June 2023: Guild Picnic and Tool Sale
  • May 2023: Knifemaking 101
  • April 2023: Veneering
  • March 2023: Topcoat Finishes
  • February 2023: Photographing Your Woodwork
  • January 2023: Cutting, Charcuterie & Cheese Boards
  • December 2022: Guild Annual Holiday Party
  • November 2022: Finishing Products and Techniques: Penetrating Oils
  • October 2022: Toy Build for Charity
  • September 2022: Joinery Symposium
  • August 2022: Sharpening Systems
  • July 2022: Hand Planes and Chisels
  • June 2022: Hand Tool Basics
  • May 2022: Shop Safety
  • April 2022: Table Saws and Bandsaws
  • March 2022: Power Tool Basics
  • February 2022: Developing Your Strategy
  • January 2022: Furniture Repair & Touchup
  • December 2021: Guild Annual Holiday Party
  • November 2021: Epoxy Resin in Woodworking
  • October 2021: Toy Build for Charity
  • September 2021: How to Plan a Woodworking Project
  • August 2021: Painted Finishes with Erin Spain
  • July 2021: Guild Picnic and Tool Sale
  • June 2021: Making Bandsaw Boxes
  • May 2021: Routing Complementary Curves with Routers and Templates
  • April 2021: Bandsaw Mill Visit
  • March 2021: Spring Symposium: Box Making with Matt Kenney
  • February 2021: Designing and Making Cutting Boards
  • January 2021: Four Squaring and Correcting Warped and Twisted Boards
  • December 2020: Guild Annual Holiday Party
  • November 2020: Patterae Design and Construction
  • October 2020: Toy Build for Charity
  • September 2020: Making Holiday Ornaments
  • August 2020: Router Clinic
  • July 2020: Jigs and Fixtures
  • June 2020: Designing and Making Inlay Banding
  • May 2020: Shop Storage Solutions
  • March 2020: Favorite Power and Hand Tools
  • February 2020: Finishing Woodworking Projects, Part 2
  • January 2020: Finishing Woodworking Projects, Part 1
  • December 2019: Guild Annual Holiday Party
  • November 2019: Mortise and Tenon Joinery
  • September 2019: Toy Assembly Hands-On
  • August 2019: Grow Your Woodworking Business
  • July 2019: Member Shop Tours

Most creative and engaged…

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Praise, appreciation and admiration for our Board!  I’ve belonged to many groups through the years.  Our board is one of the most creative and engaged I’ve experienced.
Member Nell R.

Stepped up the entire operation…

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I have been a Guild member for over 10 years.  It has always been a positive experience over the years and well worth the time and money I invested.  However, over the last two years the Guild has stepped up the entire operation – programs, newsletters, communications, and special events.  MANY THANKS!
Member Milton M.

The Woodworkers Guild of Georgia offers individual memberships. If you wish to join or if your membership has lapsed, just follow this link to fill out an application for membership in the Guild: Join Now