The purpose of your Guild’s Mentoring program is to assist all members, not just those new to woodworking, to develop new skills to attempt and complete specific projects. Mentoring can help you set up a workshop that matches your skills and budget, and avoid purchasing tools not needed for your interests or skill level.

The Guild is looking for both Mentors and members to participate in our program. If you are a member in search of a Mentor, we encourage you to work with one or more of our volunteers. You can arrange anything from simple one-off advice to complex long-term training. Whether you are a member in need of a Mentor, or if you are considering volunteering as a Mentor, please contact our Mentoring Director to discuss the details. This is a great opportunity to connect members needing help with Mentors who can provide it!

Here is how it works:

  • Members can participate in the program by a simple agreement with any Guild mentor, or can arrange a meeting with the help of the Mentoring Director.
  • Both members and Mentors should review and abide by our Personal Safety Guidance document, available here: WWG Guidance 05 Safety .
  • Mentors will establish the level of “education” needed to satisfy the member’s need. If a simple consultation satisfies that need, the member and Mentor can just go ahead.
  • If a Mentor decides a demonstration is the best method, the member must first sign a simple release form (available on our website here: Mentoring Release Form) before continuing.
  • The Mentor will provide a copy of the release form to the Mentoring Director for Guild records.
  • The Mentor will advise or train the member as needed, then advise the Mentoring Director when the mentoring sessions are complete.
  • The member will provide the Mentoring Director with written feedback about the experience. Feedback helps to gauge the success of our program so we can decide if improvements are needed. Helpful feedback should answer these simple questions:
    • Did you gain knowledge you can now apply in your own workshop?
    • Did you learn new safety tips?
    • Did you gain confidence to try new procedures?

Click HERE to view a current list of Mentors, along with their skills and contact information.