The purpose of the Mentoring Program is to assist Guild members, especially the person new to woodworking, in the development of skills for specific projects. Mentoring can also be helpful when setting up a shop consistent with a person’s skills and budget. This can help avoid the purchase of tools not needed for a person’s interest and skill level.

All Guild members in good standing are welcome to work with one or more of our Guild Mentors. At the Mentor's discretion, members may arrange anything from simple one-off advice to long-term training.

The Guild is looking for both Mentors and Mentees to participate in the program. If you would like to serve as a Mentor, please contact our Mentoring Director. This is a great opportunity to assist members needing your help and can be very rewarding to you as well by allowing you to share your knowledge.

Participation in the program can be initiated by agreement between two Guild members or can be arranged through the Mentoring Director. For those mentoring relationships initiated between two members without the assistance of the Mentoring Director, the Mentor shall advise the Mentoring Director of this relationship.

How it works:

1. All Mentors and Mentees should review and abide by the Personal Safety Guidance document (current revision). This document, WWG Guidance 05 Safety, is available on the Guild website.

2. Upon acceptance of a mentoring relationship with a Mentee, the Mentor shall determine the level of “education” required to satisfy the Mentee’s need/request. If just consultation will satisfy the stated need without demonstration, said consultation can commence as agreed upon by the participants. However, should demonstration be determined by the participants to be the best method of education, a release form must be executed by both parties before any mentoring begins. This document, Mentoring Program Agreement and Release form, is available on the Guild website.

3. Once executed, the original release form shall be kept by the Mentor and a copy sent via text or e-mail to the Mentoring Director for the Guild records.

4. Upon completion of the mentoring session(s) with that Mentee, the Mentor shall advise the Mentoring Director the date the session was completed.

5. The Mentoring Director will request the Mentee to provide written feedback via e-mail or text on his/her experience. This feedback is desired to measure the success of the program and where improvements may be needed. Said feedback to include such items as:

a. Did you gain knowledge directly applicable to the work you do in your shop?

b. Did you learn new safety tips?

c. Did you gain confidence in trying new procedures?

Click HERE to view a current list of Mentors, along with their skills and contact information.