Mistakes Improve Your Skills and Confidence

I have learned so much watching, talking with, and working with others since I joined the Guild several years ago.  That is especially true when it comes to resolving the mistakes that are inevitably going to occur.

I have come to accept and embrace the idea that mistakes will be made on every project I do.  The good news is you can recover from mistakes to produce outstanding projects that you will enjoy for years to come. 

Certainly, I am not the first person who hesitated to take on a project in fear that I’d mess up some nice piece of lumber and have nothing to show for it.  I am over that.  It is part of the learning experience for me. 

Several years ago, I made a tea caddy which in the end turned out to be a lovely piece. I enjoy looking at it every day.  I made many mistakes on this project.  The edge bandings were planed too thin, so I routed them all out and started anew.  I repaired edge tear out, dents, and digs.  The hinges were put on crooked and had to be reset.  The shellac finish was applied inconsistently, so I wiped and sanded that off and put it on again (maybe twice even). 

In other projects I replaced chips in veneer, repaired and colored-in defective wood spots, reattached pieces I cut off too short, and many other mistakes.

I learned a lot from these mistakes and applied that to future projects. 

Don’t let the fear of mistakes hold you back.  There is always a path to a solution.  You can find many solutions on YouTube in minutes plus there are many great written publications you can access.  Some of the most useful resources are your Guild partners who are willing and eager to share their knowledge and help you.

I hope to see you at a meeting soon.

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