Our Guild is part of the National Woodworking Network

Early in 2020, Gary Anderson and Travis Good of the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association initiated contact with woodworking groups around the county to organize the National Woodworking Network. The idea is to create a network of like-minded groups that could share learnings and ideas. 

Some of the members of this group are very small with periodic meetings. Others are quite large and have full workshops enjoyed by their members. All try to put on programs and events for the benefit of their members. Community engagement is a common theme shared by all the groups. 

Our goal is to have a quarterly gathering on-line to talk about how we are structured, the types of programs and projects we are initiating, what programs have provided the most interest for members, and how we administer our different organizations. We plan to share and learn ideas that range from governance to program content. 

Concurrently, our Woodworkers Guild of Georgia is starting to be in more regular contact with our neighboring groups in Alabama and Greenville to share programming content and workshop opportunities. 

As of late 2020, the group is now up to eleven woodworking guilds/associations that range in size from 30 to 1200 members with participants from 

Atlanta, GA


Greenville, SC

Central Florida


Rhode Island

St Louis, MO


Orange County CA

San Diego, CA

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