Member Awards

From time to time, the Guild recognizes outstanding contributions of members to the Guild over a period of years.  Past recipients of these awards are shown below.

in 2021 this recognition was renamed to be called the Outstanding Service Award to more broadly recognize a range of contributions that members make over time to the Guild. Those members will also be listed below as they are awarded.

Lifetime Membership Award

Since 2000, the Guild has recognized three individuals who have made substantial and long-term contributions over many years to the success of our organization and the offerings we provide to members.

Lifetime Membership Wall of Fame

In 2000, the Guild recognized six charter members of our organization who were instrumental in founding our group and getting it established.  The recognition was for outstanding contributions and service rendered to the Guild that advances the art and understanding of fine woodworking.  A special “Wall of Fame” plaque was commissioned to recognize their contributions. 

Those six members were:
Ted Baldwin
Ken Dickson
Stewart Holt
Ted McWilliams
Andrew Pacifico
Don Russell

Wall of Fame 2000 award