Future Guild – Proposal 1

As an early deliverable from the Strategic Planning Committee, the structure below has been proposed by the Strategic Planning Committee and approved by the Guild Board of Directors that an Education Director and Team be commissioned. This Director would be the only new board position we visualize at this point.  The current Programs Committee would remain in place with a couple of responsibility changes. First, the Programs Committee would be relieved of responsibility for parties and special events. Secondly, the planning and execution of regular and mini symposiums would officially fall within the responsibility of the Programs Committee. We further propose that all educational activities, including those shown below as examples, be coordinated by the Education Director and Team.  We are also pleased to announce that John Jones has accepted the role of Education Director. 

The initial priorities for the Educational Director are recruiting volunteers for Special Events and then leaders for the other functional blocks shown below.  Making this organizational change allows one Director and Team to ensure that all the educational efforts of the Guild are coordinated providing for greater integration with other Guild foundational strategies such as Service and Fellowship. 

We feel that this proposal is core to developing a long-term plan for the Guild, and as such will take some time to refine and implement.  Additional organizational changes may also be needed as we learn more about how this change will best work for the Guild.  The Educational Director will be asked to report on the progress of this structure at monthly Guild board meetings.  As the scope of this team is better understood, more volunteers will be needed to execute this effort. 

Within this structure, we visualize that many topics will be explored, and further recommendations will be made to the board such as: training calendars, cost & revenue budgets for events including attendance fees for members and potentially non-members where appropriate.  Significant coordination will be required with other functions within the Guild such as community service, videography and video editors, membership, and marketing for this foundational strategy to be successful.

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