Michael Faughnan attended the class “Using Hand Planes” at Highland Woodworking, taught by Jim Dillon on October 8, 2019.

Jim started the class with a discussion of the nomenclature of the parts of a Bailey-type hand plane. This included the operation and adjustment of the iron in the plane.

Next we disassembled our planes and Jim described his method of sharpening the iron. Jim provided insights into the different sharpening methods (Japanese water stone, Arkansas oil stone, and ceramic stone). After all attendees had sharpened their irons, we assembled our hand planes. Jim covered proper placement of the plane iron and cap iron as well as relative placement on the frog. We tuned our planes to provide desired depth of cut ensuring lateral adjustment allows even cut left to right. We learned about backlash and importance of monitoring the depth of cut adjustment to prevent its occurring.

By and large, Jim did a very good job.  His presentation style and his experience provided a enjoyable learning session. I would recommend this specific course as well as Jim as a instructor to anyone.  Well worth the time and the commute.