Follow-up Information Suggestions

After completing your training, to earn the balance of your scholarship award you must perform a short task: within 90 days you must write a short article for the Guild Newsletter, or make a short presentation for a regular monthly Guild meeting. Your review should highlight what you learned and give a critique of the training received.

You should coordinate your presentation in advance with the Scholarship Director.
Please include the following information in your article:

  • Class name, location (organization, city, state), dates, and length of the class, instructor name, and tuition.
  • Why did you choose this class and how did you learn about it?
  • What topics were covered in the class?
  • What objects did you make during class? Show & Tell & photos?
  • What other objects did the instructor make during the class?
  • What are your most memorable skills/techniques learned from the class?
  • Do you wish anything was covered more thoroughly in the class? If so, what?
  • Did the class description/advertising correctly describe the class content?
  • How would you rate the instructor’s presentation skills, including clarity of communication, organization of material, and adequacy of handouts, safety, and ease of viewing important details during demonstrations?
  • How would you rate the adequacy of the instruction facility including temperature, lighting, seating for demonstrations, working area and facilities such as tools and benches for the students, bathroom and break facilities, parking, and security of the general area?
  • Do you recommend the class to others? Why?
  • How easy or difficult was it to request and receive a scholarship award?
  • Additional information and pictures are also welcome.
  • Submit your completed newsletter article or presentation outline in electronic form to the Scholarship Director, and also to either the Newsletter Director or the Program Director.

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