Our Guild scholarship program provides limited financial assistance for woodworking-related training to current members (dues paid). Members are eligible to begin one year after joining the Guild.

Eligible members may apply for and receive multiple awards totaling no more than $300 within a rolling one-year period. The class start date is used for date-related determinations. Awards are further limited by Guild funding as established for each calendar year. Each application must specify a woodworking-related course for which registration is open and active. Applications for courses already completed will not be considered. One application per member will be considered at a time. No more than two members will receive scholarships to attend the same course simultaneously.

Please print out and complete this Scholarship Award Request Form and email it to our Scholarship Director, or you can mail it directly to the Woodworkers Guild Post Office box here:

Woodworkers Guild of Georgia
ATTN: Scholarship Director
P.O. Box 670312
Marietta, GA 30066

Applications will be considered and acted upon in the order received, usually no later than the next monthly meeting of the Board of Directors. (Please allow 4 weeks for approval and award).

Scholarship awards will be 75% of actual tuition, not to exceed $300, and will be exclusive of materials, taxes, travel, living, and other related expenses. Before training, the awardee will receive a check for 60% of the award amount, made payable to the training facility. If the awardee has already paid for the course and provides a copy of the receipt, the check will be made payable directly to the awardee. If for any reason the awardee is unable to attend the course described on his/her scholarship application form (due to course cancellation, rescheduling, full class, etc.), selection of an alternative training class will be subject to the approval of the Scholarship Director.

In order to earn the balance of the scholarship award, the awardee will write an article for the newsletter within 90 days after completion of the training. The article should highlight what he/she has learned and give a critique of the training received. See these WWGofGA Scholarship Follow Up suggestions. A second check for the remaining 40%, made payable to the awardee, will be provided after submitting the article to the newsletter. If the awardee does not provide a written article within 90 days of attending the class, he/she will not be eligible for any future scholarship award.

These guidelines were recently revised and are expected to evolve with experience. Scholarships awarded by a raffle and supplemented by fee waivers from WWG Patron Sponsors will not count against annual scholarship limits for an individual member, however, the publication of a newsletter article is required for reimbursement of the member’s tuition cost.

Changes to these policies or procedures will be published in our Newsletter and reflected on this web site.