From time to time the Guild is made aware of tools that are no longer needed by the tool owner but may not have a great deal of commercial value to justify conducting a Tool Sale. This can be a great opportunity for a beginning woodworker (1-5 years engaged in a woodworking hobby) to acquire woodworking tools at a very modest investment. Consistent with the Guild’s focus on education and passing along skills and tools to the next generation of woodworkers, the Guild would like to share this opportunity for a beginning woodworker.

The tools of which we are currently knowledgeable are older Craftsman and Rockwell/Delta stationary tools that date from the 1950s timeframe, but which still have a significant remaining life, with the appropriate accessories and hand tools that a beginning woodworker would need to support a woodworking hobby. The current owner of these tools wishes to see them passed along to someone who will use and value them. If you have the space to set up shop these tools would provide an excellent starting point for a hobby in woodworking.

Just fill out and submit the following application to the Tool Sale Coordinator ( An applicant will be chosen by a small committee of Guild members to be the recipient of these tools for a modest fee, which is dependent on the available tools. The Guild will serve as the coordinator to transition the tools to you from the current owner. This is a great opportunity to start a successful woodworking hobby with the tools you need to be successful at a very low startup cost!

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    Provide a short description of how obtaining these tools would be useful to you
    as a beginning woodworker and how you would use them to support a woodworking hobby: