When woodworkers retire from woodworking or seek to declutter and downsize their shop, or when family members need help to dispose of woodworking equipment from a woodworker’s estate, difficult choices lie ahead. In most cases there is a sincere desire to pass along these tools to the next generation of woodworkers.  

Woodworking shops typically contain power tools, hand tools, lumber, and various other items unfamiliar to non-woodworkers. Determining the value and demand for a shop’s contents can be a challenging task. You typically have four options:
1) try to sell these items yourself
2) hire a professional for-profit estate seller
3) donate items to a registered non-profit organization and receive a donation receipt for potential tax benefit
4) find a knowledgeable charitable organization to assist you in selling the items

The Woodworkers Guild of Georgia (WWGofGA) is a 501(c)(3) organization and can assist you in making the right choice that works best for you. For more information regarding our Tool Sale Policy please click here.To discuss a potential tool donation or tool sale opportunity, please email our Tool Director at tool-director@wwgofga.com .

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