The Woodworkers Guild of Georgia can assist with the removal of tools and equipment for yourself or on behalf of others.  Do you need to sell or donate tools, equipment or supplies from an estate? Are you retiring, or do you just need to de-clutter and downsize your shop? We can help.

If liquidating an estate:    Woodworking shops can be complicated if you aren’t familiar with them. You may not recognize unusual hardware, tools or accessories, and may have no idea how to estimate the value of antique tools or exotic woods. You may need assistance with a family-run sale.

If de-cluttering or downsizing your shop:    You might need assistance with selling or bartering equipment and supplies with other Guild members, or may just need advice on how to move or store heavy and awkward equipment.

We can offer many kinds of assistance:
  • Pricing and valuation of shop items for sale or donation
  • Discussing alternatives for disposing of equipment, tools and materials
  • Advertising to other woodworkers via want-ads in our Tool Sales forum or Newsletter

To discuss an estate situation or just to get advice on simplifying your shop, please contact our Tool Director at, or you can complete the brief form below. An experienced team of woodworkers will help you decide which approach works best for you.

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