The Guild is expanding our toys for kids program to be a year-round event and one where members can make toys in their own shops. This is an addition to our annual group toy build which we do each fall.
...Watch a short video of a happy kid with his new doggy pull-toy...
Toys we make will be distributed through agencies of the United Way of Greater Atlanta.

Here is how you can get involved!

Step 1 - Pick toys from our list to make
Click on a toy below and the link will take you to a description of each including a picture of the completed toy, materials list, instructions, and a pattern which you can download and print at home.

Step 2 - Create your own toy
Modify a design to fit your preference, or if you have an idea for a different toy, make it. When you are done, give us a picture, list of materials, instructions, and plans. We will add it to our list of toys.

Step 3 - Acquire materials
We are looking for members to acquire their own materials for these projects. For most of these toys, you probably have materials in your shop already. Some require wheels, pegs, or other components. You can find those at a local craft store or through Amazon.

Step 4 - Make multiples
Especially for the simpler toys, make a dozen. Once you are set up to make a cut or drill some holes, it is quick to make multiples.

Step 5 ­- Apply finish
Shellac is suggested as a finish as it is easy to apply with a brush, cloth, or spray. If you have components for which some surfaces will be not be accessible after assembly (like the inside of wheels), finish those before assembly.

Step 6 - Tell us when you have completed your toys
When you are completed, click the link HERE and we will coordinate pick up with you.