The Woodworkers Guild of Georgia, founded in 1982 by like minded men and women, was a sturdy foundation on which to build. While membership has ebbed and flowed over the years, we are embarking on a mission to grow the Guild’s membership, and its involvement in the surrounding community.

The first step, along with conversing and asking questions of numerous other successful woodworking Guilds across the country, was to formulate our Vision and Mission statements for our membership to rally around. This has become our inspiration!

Vision Statement

To foster the craft of woodworking by welcoming all to learn, grow and share.

Mission Statement

  • To serve member woodworking needs through education and skill building
  • To provide service to our community through woodworking projects in support of charitable organizations
  • To build a welcoming environment for social interaction by those with a common interest in woodworking
  • To secure the financial support and physical resources to facilitate achievement of the items listed above

Our goal is to welcome the person who wants to learn woodworking, our goal is to be a resource to teach basic and advanced skills, our goal is to build simple birdhouses to beautifully proportioned furniture, our goal is creating toys that children play with endlessly, our goal is a wooden bowl that adorns a mantle, our goal is woodworking for the benefit of the entire community.

In order to accomplish the lofty goals listed above, we need your help.