“We’ll be together” … Sooner Than Later

Yes!  We are talking about meeting in person again.  Isn’t that a novel concept!

After over a year of being apart, we can now see an end to this pandemic driven separation we have endured.  And from the initial summary of data from our survey, most of you are eager to get back together sooner than later.  Thank you for your responses.

It is likely to be the fall before we can convene at Woodcraft again, but that could change quickly.  Meeting there will be contingent on their requirements which are heavily driven by progress with Covid and the published guidelines.  But we are already seeing some relaxation of those limitations and are optimistic that in a short time they will drop further.

One thing that will be different going forward is our plan to have meetings in person and simultaneously live stream meetings for those who are elsewhere.  We need to do some testing and experimenting with our technology, so we ask for your patience on our first couple of meetings as we will be trying something new.  It may take a couple of meetings to get our processes nailed down.

But to gather sooner, we are looking to have a picnic for our members in July where we can once again be together.  This will be an outdoor venue so it will give everyone a chance to feel comfortable in joining us for this.  We will have more to say about this in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, our membership has continued to grow impressively.  We are now up to 180 members and our goal is to see that continue to grow significantly.  That will give us the strength to open further opportunities for all our members.

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