From the Forest to the Sawmill

In view of the topic for our April meeting regarding milling lumber using a band sawmill, I would like to invite you to check out the following recommended YouTube videos. 

In this 13-minute video, Nathan uses his Wood Mizer LT-40, located near Johnson City, TN, to break down a white pine log into 1 x 10 lumber that he is using as roof sheathing in the construction of his timber fame shop.  Out of the Woods is a video diary dating back over 5 years as this military veteran transitions to a full time sawyer.  I find the information provided very engaging and useful to better understand the front end of our woodworking hobby.

I also recommend the YouTube video below.  In it Matt Cremona in Minneapolis, MN uses his site built, hand propelled, massive bandsaw mill to custom cut a huge walnut crotch log into slabs for maximum figure.  This video shows the full capabilities of a band sawmill and what can be accomplished in your back yard. 

Take a look at these two videos and the series they represent on YouTube for more information about our April meeting topic on bandsaw mills.  Let me know what you think about these guys. 

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