Workshop Survey and November Elections

Thank you all for the excellent response to the survey regarding a potential future member shop.  We had a lot of interest and support from 80 respondents for this idea.  This will give us great input for our planning and future work.  The Board will be discussing next steps further at our November Board meeting. 

We still must sort through the data in detail and will update you as that is done.  Some of the key questions we need to work through include how many firm commitments we can line up, to what extent is there interest among those who did not respond to the survey which will make this more attractive, what general location best fits the most members, and what sort of financial commitments will need to be lined up to make this a reality.  This is still a developing work in progress.

Our November member meeting will start with our annual business meeting where we present our budget for 2022 and vote on a slate of candidates for the Board.  Please plan to join and participate as we need your votes of support. 

We have a good slate to offer, but I want to reiterate we need you as members to step forward and volunteer your time to support our Guild.  We will need members to help in the future on committee and project teams.  These do not have to be large time commitments, but we do need to engage a broader segment of our membership. 

Please contact me to let me know you can play a future role to help and support your Guild.

I hope to see you at a meeting soon.

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